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A real estate portfolio the size of a city

We are developing and managing a real estate portfolio the size of a city. All of this, with an international team of real estate professionals, in a flat hierarchy and with considerable scope for creativity. The broad spectrum of functions provides a huge number of career opportunities for a great variety of profiles and opens up development opportunities throughout Europe. Project development, project management, facilities management or leasing business: Virtually everything is possible.

Discover our entry-level departments:

  • Real estate economists, real estate buyers, real estate engineers, geographers (m/f)
  • Architects (m/f)
  • Construction engineers, industrial engineers, civil engineers (m/f)
  • Facility manager (m/f)

Our courses of study at the University of Baden Württemberg, Germany in conjunction with on-the-job training:

A success story

Neckarsulm, Germany

What began with a small store in Ludwigshafen is today one of the most successful grocers in Europe. We did this with a strong team. About 225,000 employees, who we are proud of. Because they make Lidl possible. Every day. In 30 countries. Therefore, we take our responsibility as an employer seriously.