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The future needs space

We are tirelessly working on the development of our store and logistics network and are therefore constantly looking for new partners for expansion.

IndividualityStrong in every location

We are a strong local supplier in all locations: our markets can be found in all classic locations as stand alones as well as in specialist shopping and larger shopping centers and in central, densely populated areas. We are constantly looking for freehold, leasehold and long leasehold sites for store and logistics space, whether it be developed or undeveloped land.


STORES Our flexible store concepts have different construction requirements. Together we find the right strategy for your site.

Developed or undeveloped sites
min. 6,000 m²
Sales Area
1,000 m² – 1,400 m²
Customer parking
min. 120 at ground level


  • Close to Town/Urban Area
  • Good road transport connections; Near to motorway junction
  • Close to distribution centre (CEP – service provider)
  • 24 hour operations permitted, including HGVs
  • No restrictions in general
  • Public transport links for employees
  • Electricity power input requirement of > 1 MW
  • Fibre optic telecommunications connection


  • Site Area > 80,000 m² ideally in an industrial area (B2/B8 use classes)
  • Minimum site occupancy ratio of 60%

Buildings Rent / Purchase

  • Warehouse Area > 25,000 m² in industrial area or employment zone (Use class B)
  • Available clear height (from upper edge) 12m
  • Bearing Capacity: surface / slab load of 50kN/m², Forklift (point load) 60 kN/Rad, Racking (point load) 100kN

We look forward to hearing from youYOUR SITE OFFER

In order to open more Lidl stores and Regional distribution centres, we are continually searching for sites throughout Europe on a freehold, leasehold or long leasehold basis. We look forward to hearing from you!